NEW Key Less All Directional 5-layer 7mm Extra Heavy Duty 30FT Digital Audio Optical TOSLINK Cable GOLD 30'

Sku: CBTOM70-030

Retail Price: $79.95
Sales Price: $24.95

This is a brand new 30 feet Professional grade Toslink to Toslink optical cable.  This high quality optical cable allows you to enjoy theater like digital audio effect with minimum transmission loss.  

Best of all, with this new patented head design, you will have no more frustration in lining up the cable head with your Toslink jack in the back of your equipments.  This cable uses a new round design which allows key less insertion into your audio jack at any orientation.  This feature makes the cable connection easy and fast even with your eyes closed.  This cable is guaranteed to work perfectly with all Toslink jacks.

Please click the following web-link for detail specification: M670-Toslink-Spec (2.8MB).

Similar products are being sold at some retail stores for over $100.

Key Applications:

  • Send the perfect digital sound directly into your Receiver.

  • Ideal for use with DVD, DVD Audio, SACD, CD, D-VHS, game console, S/PDIF, Dolby Digital® and DTS® professional audio applications

  • 5-layer / 7mm cable construction offers great durability for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Experience the dramatic difference an optical cable will make in home theater system

  • Reveal bass and spatial cues with startling vivacity

  • Allow superior high resolution, amazing clarity reproduction, ultra spatial effects and dynamic impact

Key Specification:

  • Condition: Brand new.

  • Cable thickness: 7 mm.

  • Cable construction: 5 layers.

  • Tip and plug: Gold plated brass.

  • Shell: Satin Nickel plated brass.

  • Operation and storage Temperature: -40 oC to 85 oC

  • Length: 30' (30 feet).

  • Minimum bending radius: 30 mm

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Toslink-to-Toslink Extender - NEW!!

If this cable is still not long enough for your application, this matching high quality, gold plated toslink-to-toslink extender can further extend your cable.  The insertion loss of this extender is only about 1 db.  

Please add $6.99 /ea to your final payment, if you are interested in getting this extender.

Retail value: $10

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Policy Summary:

Product Condition New, guaranteed to work  
Packaging Bulk Pack or White/Brown Box As shown in the photo
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 year under normal use; replace, repair or refund at seller's sole discretion.  Shipping & handling are not refundable
Seller's Warranty 30 days  
Sales tax 8.75% for California residents  



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Retail Price: $79.95
Sales Price: $24.95

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