DT-6605 Digital Insulation Tester MegOhmMeter CAT IV 5000V 60 Giga Ohm Meter

Sku: MDT6605-001

Retail Price: $699.95
Sales Price: $299.95

  Product Description

This is a brand new CEM DT-6605 from Ruby Electronics.  This digital insulation tester is certified.  This top-of-the-line device provides 500V, 1000V, 2500V and 5000V voltage during the test cycle.  It sources up to 1.2mA current during the test to offset the capacitance load.   With the auto range function, it can measure up to 60 Giga Ohm with the resolution of 10 mega ohm.  The back light LCD screen allows you read easily in the dark.  It also comes with a heavy duty carrying case to protect your device when working in the field.

*** This device is to be used by the certified technician only.  Inadequate use by the un-trained personnel may cause severe body injury.

The actual color of the unit maybe different from the photo shown.  please contact seller if you need to know the exact color of the unit.


  • Wide range measurements from 500V to 5000V and up to 60 Giga Ohm

  • Meets IEC61010-1, CAT IV 600V safety standard
  • Large 6000 counts digital display with bargraph and backlight
  • Polarization index measurement (PI)
  • Auto ranging & timer measurement function
  • Indication of output voltage and discharge voltage
  • Auto-discharge function and voltage output warning function
  • Auto power off and battery check
  • MAX/MIN, Peak, Relative value & Data hold function for DC/AC voltage measurement
  • Power source: LR14 - C size Battery x 8 (included) or 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz AC adapter (included)
  • Accessories: Manual, test leads, AC adapter and plastic carrying case



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Policy Summary:

Product Condition New, guaranteed to work  
Packaging Retail pack As shown in the photo
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 year under normal use; replace, repair or refund at seller's sole discretion.  Shipping & handling are not refundable
Seller's Warranty 30 days  
Sales tax 8.75% for California residents  



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Retail Price: $699.95
Sales Price: $299.95

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