AITech Web Cable, PC VGA to NTSC TV Scan Converter, 640x480

Sku: WEBCABL-001

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Sales Price: $24.99

PC to NTSC TV Scan Converter for Game

The scan converter Web Cable utilizes the first AITech's proprietary mix signal IC. This technology breakthrough enables the consumer to enjoy studio quality PC to TV scan conversion at consumer price. Even though the included software driver may not work with every VGA card, it does not affect the picture quality on the TV. Just select your PC to operate under 640x480 @ 60 Hz, after you wire up the unit according to the user's manual. The patented flicker reduction circuit in Web Cable reduces the TV flicker to minimum level. Please refer to the on-line data sheet for detail information: Web Cable data sheet (pdf).

Key Applications:

  • Play your favorite DVD or VCD movies on PC and watch it on big screen TV.

  • Play PC games on big screen TV.

  • Business presentations via TV instead of expensive VGA projector.

  • Record your PC operations on VHS or 8mm tape for e-learning.

  • Convert your favorite AVI, DVD, or MPEG video clips to VHS or 8mm tape.

  • Watch webcam or streamed video on big screen TV.

Key Features:

  • Resolution: 640 x 480.

  • Refresh rate: 60Hz.

  • Supported colors: 16.7 million.

  • Input: VGA.

  • Output: RCA and S-video (NTSC TV signal) ; VGA pass through for simultaneous PC & TV display.

  • Operating system support: Win 3.xx, Win 9x, WinME, Windows 2000, Windows XP (requires the VGA to run at 640x480 resolution @ 60Hz refresh rate)

  • Construction: Single cable.

  • Power supply: Keyboard or PS/2 mouse connector.

This unit is brand new in RETAIL box . Web Cable was sold in the store for $129.

Policy Summary:

Product Condition New, guaranteed to work  
Packaging Retail pack As shown in the photo
Seller's Warranty 30 days  
Sales tax 8.75% for California residents  



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Retail Price: $69.99
Sales Price: $24.99

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