ALUMINUM Luxeon Star 1W LED Flashlight Light 3C Super Bright White LED

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Sales Price: $19.95

ALUMINUM Luxeon Star 1W White LED Super Bright LED Flashlight Light 3C

NEW ALUMINUM Luxeon Star 1W LED Flashlight Light 3C White LED Super Bright

This is a brand new space-edge solid state SUPER BRIGHT Luxeon Star LED flashlight.  This shock proof & water resistant flashlight is perfect for both indoor use and outdoor activities.  This item is fresh coming out from the first production run.  We only have limited quantity.  Please act quickly!!

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Key Benefits:

  • Quality SUPER BRIGHT non-breakable Luxeon Star white LEDs last up to 100,000 hours.  1000+ times longer life than traditional light bulb.

  • Deliver 2 times more light output than a super bright 10-LED flashlight.

  • Energy saving components extend the battery life to 6 times longer than a regular flashlight.

  • Do not have to worry about dead batteries when you have a field trip.  A set of new batteries would last up to 30+ hours of non-stop operations.

  • Reliable industrial grade on-off push button rated at 10,000 operations.

  • High impact aluminum alloy construction provides long lasting life.

  • Lens made of high tension, shatterproof and scratch resistant polycarbonate material.

  • Anodized treatment, slip-proof grip handle.

  • Shockproof design extends the life of the flashlight even under heavy use.

  • 19 to 24 times brighter than super bright Nichia LED.  ref: Luxeon vs Nichia

Key Specification:

  • Condition: Brand new.

  • Color: Black or Silver (Seller will pick a color randomly, if buyer does not specify a color at the time of purchase)

  • Light output: about 25 Lumen

  • Dimension: 8.9" (length) x 1.6" (Diameter).

  • Weight: 17.2 oz.  (with battery).

  • Number of LEDs: 1  (Luxeon Star, white, 1W).

  • Battery Life: 30+ hours (Energizer Alkaline battery)

  • Battery: C size x 3  (NOT INCLUDED).

Policy Summary:

Product Condition New, guaranteed to work  
Packaging Bulk Pack or White/Brown Box As shown in the photo
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 year under normal use; replace, repair or refund at seller's sole discretion.  Shipping & handling are not refundable
Seller's Warranty 30 days  
Sales tax 8.75% for California residents  



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Retail Price: $49.99
Sales Price: $19.95

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